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Paulownia tomentosa

Royal Paulownia

(Empress Tree, Princess Tree, Foxglove tree)

 Paulownia tomentosa

Aka: Empress Tree & Foxglove Tree

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Can Grow 10 feet per year!

Paulownia tomentosa hardly needs any introduction. Also known as Empress Tree, Princess Tree and Royal Paulownia, this showy, Chinese ornamental has naturalized throughout much of the Eastern U.S. and is grown as far north as Montreal. Paulownia can grow ten feet in a year, making it the world's fastest growing hardwood. Produces dense shade. Will tolerate almost any soil. Height usually about 40' at maturity. The Tomentosa refers to the hairy leaves which are used as fly paper in their Native China.

Plant. Deciduous tree to 60 feet (18 m) in height and 2 feet (60 cm) in diameter with large heart-shaped leaves, fuzzy hairy on both sides, showy pale-violet flowers in early spring before leaves, and persistent pecan-shaped capsules in terminal clusters in summer to winter. Abundant flower buds present on erect stalks over winter.

Stem. Twigs and branches stout, glossy gray brown and speckled with numerous white dots.

Leaves. Opposite, heart-shaped and fuzzy hairy on both surfaces,

Flowers. April to May. Covered with showy erect panicles of pale-violet flowers before leaves in early spring, tubular with five unequal lobes. Fragrant. Flower buds fuzzy, linear, and becoming ovoid in summer and persistent on erect stalks over winter.

Fruit and seeds. June to April. .

History and use. Introduced in the early 1800s from East Asia. Has been widely planted as an ornamental and grown in scattered plantations for speculative high-value wood exports to Japan.